MTR Videos

May 14, 2020: IT computer future opportunities for military professionals

We see a lot of educational companies tell veterans in transtion that they will become instant professionals in fields like information assurance. In this video, we talked to Geronimo Moreno from Dynamic Advancement about career paths for people who want to work in cybersecurity.

May 25th, 2020: Using social media to find military colleagues for your VA claims.

As we have begun online meetings with out transition veterans, we often hear about how they don’t always understand the Veterans Administration’s claim process. So, we asked Jane Babcock, a veterans service officer, to explain the processes for all facets of this endeavor.

June 1, 2020: Using a plan to make a successful military transition

In this latest CareerRecon video, Matt Scherer and Don Gleason interview Jeff Carter on how he used a strategic 24-month plan to find the next chapter of his life, a new job after his Air Force service. Jeff will share how LinkedIn played a role in his building an effective network. Yet, more importantly, he demonstrated how to nurture his new relationships.