There are so many great things to say about this group of like-minded folks who provide support for one another during transition – Military Transition Roundtable hosted by Don Gleason and Matt Scherer!

The connections I’ve made through this group gave me strength, confidence, and other resources to help navigate transition.

In my own personal low points in transition and feelings of immense pressure and strides, my cohort listened to me vent and reinforced the pathways to success!  

-Sgt. Major Josh Solomon

King Arthur had it right with the Round Table and so do Matt and Don. All transitioning veterans in my cohort were on equal status and working together towards one end. Our goal was to help each other travel the difficult path to a new chapter in life knowing we had equals there to encourage us and most importantly, keep us accountable to our plan and goals. Transitioning is hard work. Transitioning is scary at times. Transitioning is also full of excitement and adventure. The best way to tackle this journey for me was through the thoughtful guidance that MTR provided me, the accountability to accomplish what I said I was going to do, and the friendships I created in my cohort. Thanks to Matt and Don for all your mentorship!

-Jeff Carter, Retired Air Force Colonel

Fantastic mentor! Insightful, knowledgeable, and asks the penetrating questions to get mentees to self-reflect and come up with their plan for their future. It focused my research,  I will continue to seek his counsel and mentorship as I traverse this difficult journey

-Kyle Bookhardt, AF Contract Manager

Don Gleason helped me create a plan so I would be better prepared for the transition. He was very patient, but asked me the right questions to get me thinking. It saved valuable time and avoided missed opportunities. I would highly recommend him for anyone seeking to grow professionally

-Jonathan J (JJ) Smith, Command, Education and Training Manager

I could not have successfully navigated my transition and life change without Don. He invested time in me to guide me through a self-discovery to truly uncover what I loved to do. He asked me challenging and thoughtful questions. With his help, I narrowed my focus, set achievable goals, and set out to find my path. I was able to find the perfect job for me.

Jeff F Carter, Physical Security Manager at Amazon

Don was a game-changer for me, in changing my mindset on the job-search process, rewriting my resume to reflect my skills and accomplishments, plus introducing me to his network. Together, these resulted in me landing a great position. Don has literally changed my life. Don saw in me what I did not see, asking me the tough questions to get at what I wanted to do.

-Sarah Hobson, Clinic Administrator at Wellmed Medical Management.

Highly recommended. Don has a genuine approach enabling trust for open communication. Great listener that created a vision aligning with and providing confidence. Thanks Don!

Sam Plott, Transitioning Service Member (Former Director of Sales and Marketing)

Never underestimate the power of connection and the impact you can make simply by working to create an experience that others enjoy.” This staple is the cornerstone of Don’s mentorship. He is of the cloth to IMPACT not to Impress. Don does more than light a fire; he ignites a fire within You. I give him the highest recommendation. 

-Robert Perez, Program and Project Management

Don’s presentation really broadened my perspective on leadership. Prior, my view was service. I learned it was about more – service, excellence, empowering the team to WANT to be successful and maintaining values. I recommend Don to speak leadership to your organization to motivate and synergize multiple, different teams.

-Joseph Cook, Air Force Project Manager at KBR, Inc

If you want to hear a really great talk on leadership, I highly recommend booking Don for his talk on the early days of the Iraq reconstruction. As a military commander in civil engineering, Don had the skills to deal with this difficult project. In this talk, Don shared how leadership and team building skills were needed and deployed.

-Matt Scherer, Lighthouse Keeper

Working with Don was an absolute pleasure. Each day his actions demonstrated to others how to lead with integrity, strength, and compassion. Don not only took time to mentor his team on business acumen, but also personal growth opportunities. He saw each of us a individuals with goals and dreams, not just project resources. 

Anitra King, Director, Supplier Performance and Innovation at Discovery, Inc